Mater Hospital Restaurant

Creation of a fresh, modern cafe interior.  A haven for patients and staff within a bustling private hospital in Dublin.

Dublin, Ireland


The Cafe is situated inside a private hospital and the concept had to respect the existing location and finishes of the building while also giving the feel of a distinct, comfortable and relaxed space for the staff and customers.

Design Process

A detailed survey of the space was carried out alongside the creation of a detailed 3d model. A key issue with the space was to provide an element of privacy while not breaking the areas into separate sections. A solution was developed using angled hardwood beams within a polished steel frame – allowing the cafe / corridor / lounge areas to be distinct but yet linked. The optimal layouts for traffic flow as well as seating arrangements were developed using a mix of both 2d and 3d models. The use of feature lighting also provided an open way to identify areas.


The main counter units were fabricated in solid surface materials, with wood storage sections. These were test assembled in the workshop prior to final assembly on site. The divider screens all consist of solid beams framed by a band of polished stainless steel. The screens are based on modular sections to enable ease of access on site, which are then secured directly to the subfloor of the cafe. This removed the need to fit ceiling hangers to provide stability.


An installation such as a cafe requires extensive coordination with a number of trades and product vendors, especially catering equipment suppliers. There is a need to ensure all technical considerations are accounted for and signed off at the earliest stages of the design process. Working within an open hospital also required our team to maintain extensive control over environmental factors such as noise and dust.

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