Croke Park – Gaelic Athletic Association Boardroom Table

Creating a piece of furniture that would evoke the spirit of the GAA at the heart it’s new landmark stadium.

Dublin, Ireland


The GAA ( Gaelic Athletic Association) is a renowned Irish national and International sports organization. The focus of this project was to provide the GAA with a conference table that reflected its ethos, heritage and organisational structure.

Design Process

The inspiration for the design was the GAA logo, the shape of which lend itself to the need to seat 30 people. A detailed 3d model of the boardroom and its furniture was used to evaluate many different iterations of the design. Many material options and finishes were considered and refined such as the waterfall edge profile of the table, which is made from solid walnut. The base of the table was designed around arms of the logo with the multiple ash slats representing a structure of many not few.


The table consists of walnut a table top over an ash structure, with the base alone consisting of over 600 individual ash slats. These were threaded together in sections on site over a period of 2 days. The centrepiece of the table consists of a glass panel with a film based LED light.


The scale of the table and the intricacy of the understructure posed a number of challenges on site. The process of laying out the slatted ash bases was helped by the creation of a special floor and ceiling template which speeded up the installation and made our final assembly of the walnut and glass top sections a lot more time efficient.

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